Festival of feminity

How much of the tradition of dancing and fancy dress parties have we preserved?  Do we still have abundant joy of a small child to take pleasure in the return to childhood leisure time activities?
In the carnival we invite you to dance to the rhythm of your soul, harmony of peace and joy.

Deep - fill hyaluronic acid treatment

Recommended for a mature and prematurely aging skin. It  eliminates laxity, revitalizes cells, bringing instant smoothing and lifting effects. The treatment is based on the optimum acid concentration which  enables filling the wrinkles from the inside and guarantees smooth, youthful skin. Excellent water binding properties of  hyaluronic acid in the skin improve firmness and  skin hydration.

Duration  60min
Price        PLN 160

Nourishing treatment with caviar

Intensely rejuvenating treatment for people whose skin, with the passage of time, needs proteins and nutrients to slow down the aging process; deeply nourishing, it reduces wrinkles and models facial contour. The unique Japanese massage using serum with the highest concentration of pure caviar and quartz mask brightens and firms the skin, giving it a velvety smoothness.

Duration 60 min
Price       PLN 180

In the carnival facial care offer, each treatment includes free henna on eyebrows and eyebrows regulation

Chocolate & Coffee

Chocolate brings back memories of childhood, coffee ... evokes memories of certain moments. The unique sweetness stored in the senses memory will instantly put you in a good mood, triggering the release of happiness hormones. The combination of chocolate and coffee  body care, along with a relaxing massage, rests the body. It will soothe your mind and regenerate  skin. Thanks to the presence of compounds with antiradical properties, chocolate butter ensures body care and anti-aging effects.
It's a real treat especially for a chocolate gourmet, for those who wish to improve their mood, aesthetics and tone of body skin.

Duration         75 min
Price               PLN   160

Milk & lychee

... nothing but  goat’s milk, thanks to casein it contains, will deeply moisturize  your skin and stimulate its  regeneration. The wealth of vitamins from B group, will give the skin proper  pH. Japanese plum provides it with vitamins and minerals. These unique properties of goat milk and lychee fruit , used in nursing part of the ritual,  will introduce you to 90 minute deep relaxation  hot stone massage, which is ideal for  this year's low winter temperatures.

Duration        75 minutes
Price               PLN 200


Incredibly attractive red color of fresh cranberries stimulates the energizing power of our imagination, unleashing a natural need to taste and experience the spectacular effects of healing  properties of this fruit: vitamins, micro and macro minerals, essential fatty acids and flavonoids, which cause deep moisturizing, brightening and skin revitalization. The ritual is complemented by Polynesian massage which gives it a character of a savory adventure, which  will fill you with  peace, balance, strength and rejuvenation. We’ll enhance your appetite for health.

Duration          75 minutes
Price                PLN  190

Orange and chilli

We have combined fruit with spice, freshness with warmth. What will you feel, what will  you experience? ... The sweetness of fresh orange and warmth filling your whole body.
With the warming effect of the nursing part of the ritual, Japanese Shiatsu massage goes perfectly well. It will align the energy flow in your body, balance and relax  your muscles.

Duration        60 minutes
Price              PLN  130

Full body massage with aromatic candle  with the scent of bamboo

Aromatic relaxing massage candles were created from a blend of precious butters and vegetable oils of the highest quality.
The basis for this unique product is Illipe Shea butter and Illipe and soy and jojoba oils, beeswax enriched with beeswax which has  healing and rejuvenating properties thanks to the presence of vitamin C. The candle has a perfect melting point, when dissolved, it perfectly spreads on the skin. We use it  in  Filipino massage which eliminates  physical and mental fatigue, while energizing the whole body at the same time.

Let us make the evening a memorable one ...

Duration         1 hour 15 minutes
Price               PLN 160

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